Month: January 2014

Let’s Wear The Watch For Valentine’s Day

What can a pair of time-honoured watches bring us? A story, a romance, or a persistence? Both. No matter when and where, as long as time passes, it can remind the other half who is in touch with their own heart. Over the past 100 years, Hamilton watches made in the United States and Switzerland have witnessed the steadfast and romantic love of countless couples, retaining eternal emotions in a changing world. Battlefield 伉俪-Hamilton Couple Watches witnessed the steadfast love of countless hero couples during World War II
    In the 1940s, World War II broke out and the entire world fell into turbulent war. The long war broke up countless families and lovers. However, the difficult battlefield ahead did not shake the confidence of the husband to fight for his loved one. When he set off, the wife did not have weak children. She just silently led her husband. The last Hamilton couple watched the watch. At this moment, the ticking of the watch surpassed the noisy farewells around it. As long as time does not stop, the power of love will finally make her husband return safely. The Hamilton Couple Watch is a token of the connection between couples far away in wartime.
    Hamilton provided military watches for the entire U.S. military during World War II. It stopped most of the civilian production lines and made all-out production of military watches. In just a few years, it has manufactured more than 1 million sea, air, and air timers. The Hamilton military watch escorted the U.S. and allied forces and made immortal contributions to the victory of World War II. After the war, the United States Government awarded the US Army-Navy E Award and other awards. The precise and reliable quality of military watches has also entered the soul of the brand, which is a glorious history that Hamilton watches are proud of today.
Modern couples-consistent American enthusiasm gives Hanbiao a different mood
    After the war, the United States developed rapidly in science, technology, and culture. It quickly got rid of the shadow of war and gradually grew into a modern metropolis in the center of the world. The love tokens of the couples have become enthusiastic Hamilton couples. With no parting, no worry, all they need to do is enjoy freedom. The same ticking changes the lively rhythm and expresses the music of passionate love.
    Hamilton has successfully transformed after the war, and has made great achievements in personality innovation and modern fashion. The first battery watch Ventura expedition, the first digital display electronic watch Pulsar The invention of Pulsar underscores the brand’s wild creativity; began to cooperate with Hollywood in 1951, starting with the first Oscar nominated film ‘Frogman Undersea War’, Han watch has appeared in more than 400 blockbusters, and the legendary American superstar ‘Elvis’ Elvis Presley is also a loyal watch fan of Han Watch. Han watch. For nearly 60 years, Hamilton has become one of the symbols of the American modern era.
A different gift
    This season’s Valentine’s Day, the century-old classic jazz watch ushered in a new member of the jazz couple watch, the new pair of watches continues the elegance of the predecessors, and adds a bit of lively modern flavor. The new sweet chocolate dial complements the scale, bezel and bracelet decorated with rose gold to create a warm atmosphere; the silver dial style, with the rose gold PVD case and the delicate embossed leather strap, is classic and elegant, creating a lasting feeling. . . Diverse styles or personalities or warmth are witnessing the perfect love of those couples who have profound meaning and pursue classic personality.
    The Jazz series watches are simple and stable without losing their personality, which is the representative model of Hamilton’s American classic family. Just like the Hamilton brand’s brand characteristics, it has always been pursuing personality and innovation for hundreds of years. As a representative of the traditional dress of the Han table, the jazz also contains a breakthrough design. The alternation of brushing and polishing throughout the body, the exquisite and smooth levels reveal the chic formal temperament.
    Hamilton watches are also constantly changing and updating with the progress of the times, but this brave, strong and passionate emotion is always the same. On Valentine’s Day in 2012, I will give this eternal feeling to my other half, witness Your perfect love.

Oris Beach Focus New Aquis Dive Watch

Oris Aquis’s new ladies diving watch

 The hot summer is coming. This is the season to go straight to the sea. In 2013, ORIS launched a new ladies diving watch, with shiny flashes and unique colors, dedicated to girls who love the ocean and taste. The ‘Aquis Lady’s Diamond Watch’ showcases taste and can be paired with a burgundy silk strap or a tempered stainless steel bracelet. The face plate is set with 12 diamonds and the unique burgundy dial is even more unique. The ‘Aquis Lady’s Date Watch’ has a silver decorative dial with polished nickel scale stainless steel upper ring, and is equipped with an easy-to-adjust folding buckle. At the same time, it is equipped with the crown protection of ORIS, a typical design, and fixed with standard herringbone screws. Combining style and appearance, practical functions and fashion taste, it is dedicated to the tasteful people. Professionalism is strictly controlled by diving experts. With a sporty and luxurious look, this superb all-round watch is made.

 ORIS Aquis Lady Date Watch for NT $ 48,000.

 ORIS Aquis Lady’s Diamond Watch, priced at NT $ 59,000.

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