Month: May 2013

Bvlgari Bulgari Valentine’s Day Sweet Storm To Bright And Warm Love

Bulgari will surround the heart with bright gems, creative ideas and sincere wishes. On the upcoming Valentine’s Day, capture every emotional moment, and turn your heart into a strong affection. Sweet storm.

Full of love, capture your heart

Bvlgari Divas Dream Jewellery

   Sweet, every moment is treasured in my heart. Bvlgari selects the Bvlgari Divas’ Dream series of jewels that originate from the curved mosaic tiles of the eternal city of Caracalla Baths in Rome. Its sexy lines and charming colors make you always shine with Romanesque refinement and charm. Goddess of Venus.

Bvlgari Divas Dream Jewellery

Time Dream Witness Eternity

   The first emotional moments became more beautiful and shining in time. Bulgari picked up the red color that represents love, and the passion was coming out. The Bvlgari Serpenti Xuanshi time watch, like your smart graceful figure, dreamlike. The LVCEA series watches, as ‘bringers of light’, witness the eternal glory.

Bvlgari Serpenti Time Watch

Bvlgari LVCEA watch
Be firm and brave
   In love, there is no fear of firmness. The Bulgari Octo series’ iconic octagonal simple and powerful design represents a firm and confident attitude of charming men, bravely taking you along the way. Bulgari Bulgari Carbon Gold series watches, with the iconic modern and stylish design, will make you feel refreshed and happy at all times.

Bvlgari Octo Roma watch

Bulgari Bulgari Carbon Gold
Sweet magic sugar heart storm
   Sincere love, every day deserves to be remembered and cherished. On a sweet Valentine’s Day, Bvlgari displays the magic of love that is unique to you, and creates an irresistible ‘sugar storm’. Bulgari personally created the Serpenti Forever series Valentine’s Day limited edition Serpenti in Love, creating a love magic that is unique to you. Serpenti Pop Heart packs two spirit snakes that meander into a heart shape. Six Cupid’s arrows pierce the heart, as if love has arrived in an unexpected way, and electric light fires will capture your heart.

Bvlgari Serpenti Forever Collection Valentine’s Limited Serpenti in Love

Bvlgari Spring / Summer 2018 Accessories Series Serpenti Pop Heart Bag

Breguet’s New Classic 5717 Hora Mundi Watch

Classic 5717 Hora Mundi watch is a gorgeous new style launched by Breguet in Baselworld this year.

In terms of its material and case with a diameter of 44 mm and a thickness of 13.55 mm, this model can be regarded as the most authentic Breguet classic. The case in 18K white gold (950 platinum) is water-resistant to 30 meters. The sapphire crystal has a comfortable touch, such as a thin round bezel, two grooves in the middle and a case with welded lugs. The dial is crafted in solid gold with classic blue-steel Breguet hands. The dial’s outer ring is silver-plated, rounded with Roman numerals and hand-engraved. In addition, different versions of the case are equipped with red or white gold hour markers. In order to achieve the purpose of showing the earth’s landscape, the center of the dial is represented by ‘Haibo’ with a hand-engraved check pattern. ‘Ocean’ is presented in multiple paints, and ‘Mainland’ is polished. On the day and night indicator, lapis lazuli is used to create the ‘sky’ which contains a large amount of pyrite, which looks like small spots of gold and stars. ‘Sun and moon’ are presented in pure gold, with gold representing ‘the sun’ and rhodium-plated gold representing ‘the moon’.

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