Month: March 2013

Blancpain Enamel Overlay Hand-carved Version Limited Three-question Carrousel Watch

In the 1830s, Blancpain was born with glory in the century-old watch culture, becoming the oldest watch brand in history. Tradition and innovation always run through the essence of Blancpain’s brand; technology and art perfectly integrate Swiss Blancpain’s leading watchmaking technology. Over time, Blancpain has crossed the pinnacle of the top watchmaking industry, recording a glorious trajectory of the past three centuries.

  Blancpain presented a new series of watches representing the leading mechanical watchmaking technology to the world at the Baselworld Switzerland. This series of new masterpieces includes the Villeret hand-carved gold decorative watch, the world’s first oscillating weight tourbillon watch, the world’s first VILLERET half-time zone 8-day power reserve watch, and three extremely precious limited edition fine watchmaking. Works: The world’s best enamel plate super complex spring palace three questions superimposed caruso orphanage, enamel plate superimposed hand-carved version limited three questions caruso, tantalum metal case nanotechnology sapphire transparent caruso watch Each watch is a classic, all reflecting the perfect pursuit and extraordinary achievements of the oldest Swiss watch brand in the art of watchmaking!

New Landmark Of Paris Fondation Louis Vuitton Grand Opening

On October 27, 2014, the LVMH Group’s Fondation Louis Vuitton Center was officially opened to the public. This art museum is expected to become another Paris landmark building after the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre glass pyramid. It will also compose a glorious legend in the architectural world of the 21st century.

  The Fondation Louis Vuitton Center was commissioned by the luxury group Moët Hennessy-Louis Vuitton Chairman and CEO Bernard Arnault to commission the world-class architect Frank Gehry to design, which is bizarre, eye-catching and stunning. ‘The opening of the new building opens a new chapter in Parisian culture,’ Bernard Arnault said at the inauguration ceremony. ‘The completion of the Louis Vuitton Foundation fulfilled my wish to build an art museum in Paris. , It is more conducive to achieving a virtuous circle of creativity. ‘Sponsorship from LVMH Group and strong support from group companies, especially Louis Vuitton, make the realization of individual initiatives possible.

   The construction of the Louis Vuitton Foundation took a full six years, and rumors said that the overall cost far exceeded the 100 million euros announced. The entire building is located in the forest park of Boulogne in the west of Paris, the eternal children’s amusement park in the pen of French writer Marcel Proust. The building foundation is a long-term lease of public land. The lease will expire in 2062, at which time the ownership of the land and buildings will return to the hands of the city of Paris.

   ‘This building is a gift to the city of Paris,’ said Jean-Paul Claverie, an adviser to Mr. Arnault and literary and art funding program manager of the LVMH Group, during a press conference. ‘The Louis Vuitton Foundation project is in the public interest of LVMH Group New heights in the field. ‘

   Architect Frank Gehry is 85 years old. His famous works include the famous Bilbao Guggenheim Museum, the Los Angeles Walt Disney Concert Hall and the 1994 Paris Cinémathèque Française. ‘The architecture I design is a response to the place and the times. I understand that this park is a sacred place in France.’

   The entire building has a sailing shape and the building materials include curved glass, metal and wood. The curved glass sail has a total area of ​​126,000 square feet and is divided into 11 galleries. In order to pay tribute to Frank Gehry, Louis Vuitton will show all the master architects’ models at the opening event. Of course, the exhibition also includes products of the Louis Vuitton Foundation and works rented from other institutions.

   On October 28, Chinese pianist Lang Lang will perform in the auditorium downstairs. The lobby restaurant is called Le Frank, and Michelin-starred chef Jean-Louis Nomicos will prepare a variety of innovative dishes for guests. Directly above the entrance of the building, a stainless steel ‘LV’ sign is hung. As long as visitors enter and exit, they can realize that it is precisely because of the generosity of the LVMH Group that this art museum has become a reality from the initiative.

   Fondation will display Frank Gehry’s historic buildings at the Pompidou Center at its most important first exhibition, including video, video and model reproduction of the construction process of Fondation. In the words of Mr. Claverie, ‘Frank Gehry is now the undisputed king of Paris.’

   ‘All my work is the result of collaboration with customers,’ Frank Gehry said, ‘I cherish this collaboration and interaction very much, it makes the whole process more exciting.’ Frank Gehry’s creative part is intuitive and visible, and His latest achievements take Paris to a higher level in the contemporary art world. ‘I hope I can do it,’ Frank Gehry concluded humbly finally. ‘(Louis Vuitton Foundation) is like a violin. I have built it, and others can use it freely.’

Bvlgari Watch Reproduction Model

‘Must have daily jewellery’ is people’s evaluation of the Bulgari B.zero1 ring series. It is simple, generous and has a texture, suitable for wearing on many occasions. On the occasion of the 125th anniversary of Bulgari, the B.zero1 commemorative watch series was specially launched, continuing the design features of the B.zero1 series, and perfecting the revival of the dream watch series of the 80s. The watch made of stainless steel is not only engraved with the most representative BVLGARI · BVLGARI ring logo on the bezel. The white dial is also decorated with retro-inspired patterns. The editor recommends the style with the stainless steel bracelet bracelet, which is elegant and chic. It can be worn in the workplace and dinner, and can exude elegant temperament. The price of RMB 17,800 is undoubtedly your smart choice.

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