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Question For Mature Men: How To “Wrap” This Winter? (With Answer)

As long as the cold wind blows, the fashionable nerves in the brain will automatically trip. I believe this is not only the voice of many women pursuing beauty, but many men also have such experience. So today I’m going to use the American men’s blogger Brian Sacawa to share a theme with you: “How do men keep their temperature in the autumn and winter?” And he not only knows how to “wrap” himself in autumn and winter, It is also remarkable to show men’s ‘decent spirit’ with watches. If you are interested in improving your personal style, you can read directly.
Wear a suit in winter and not be afraid of cold

American mens blogger Brian Sacawa

 A suit can be said to be a jacket that men can wear three quarters of a year, so how to wear temperature and grace in winter? One answer is a turtleneck sweater. Wear a turtleneck sweater on the inside to keep warm and make the matching of the suit and shirt more layered. If you do n’t wear a shirt in your suit, wearing a harmonious knit cardigan will also maintain the gentleman style of the suit.

American mens blogger Brian Sacawa
 Another more direct way is to put on a coat outside the suit. In fact, winter coats are the first choice, but the matching inside the coat can not be taken off, either a bulky T-shirt or an old-fashioned sweater. It’s just a coincidence that a suit is worn inside. Take off the coat in a heated room and you can show your taste. Coat + suit when you go out, a proper elite male field. This is not enough to protect against the cold? You can also put on your thermal underwear (smiling face).
Suits don’t necessarily only have leather shoes

American mens blogger Brian Sacawa
 Although blogger Brian Sacawa is a master who likes western-style leather shoes, I still have to knock on the blackboard to tell you: if you want to be old-fashioned, it is OK to change a pair of white casual shoes. From Brian Sacawa’s many collocations, the Look I picked was the most youthful one in his suit. If you wear leather shoes, you can try it.
What should you pay attention to when wearing a long coat?

American mens blogger Brian Sacawa
 If you are not a model over 180cm, you really have to check the length of the long coat. Generally, it is enough to reach the middle of the thigh. Without covering the legs, it can also bring wind when walking. You can refer to the statement just above for the coat. Remember, though, that the buttons on your coat are best not tied. Because a buttoned coat is really easy to make a fat bloated uncle, if you are not thin, the situation is even more urgent … Brian Sacawa, a blogger, has also made such a mistake ↓

Don’t be dark, but the contrast is just fine

American mens blogger Brian Sacawa

 Although black is a safe color throughout the year, men can also break through a bit. The colorful publicity is left to the ‘non-mainstream’ teenagers. The deep and low-key colors are more suitable for mature men. Steady dark brown, light rice, dark green and denim blue that can become bright spots can all appear on the body in a small range. Among them, brown is definitely more elegant and decent than black. The blogger Brian Sacawa’s demonstrations were more convincing than I was talking.

How to prevent white eyes from wearing white pants?
 Correct demonstration of white pants

American mens blogger Brian Sacawa

 Not to mention men’s white pants, even I never put it on the list, because it is not foreign enough. But my opinion certainly cannot be the right to stop others from enjoying it. There are men who have bought white pants, so follow Brian Sacawa’s way to go out. The lower body is already white, and the upper body should stop wearing light colors. A set of light colors is really too happy for ‘Prince of the White Horse’. Brown suede jackets, black down jackets, and other dark colors are more suitable for it.

A ‘decent spirit’ watch

Blogger Dai Rolex Diary

Blogger Dai Lange LANGE 1 Series

 Finally, let’s take a look at the watch matching of blogger Brian Sacawa. His watch is quite a lot. Lange, Rolex, IWC, Tissot and other brands from the top to the people. There are no complicated styles, and the style is elegant enough for gentlemen . The blogger did not start with the extremely expensive watch. After all, it is not a star who earns a lot of money. Of course, this is also more grounded and more suitable for the general public to learn from.

Lange LANGE 1 series

IWC Portugal Series

IWC Da Vinci Series

IWC pilot series

Rolex Greenwich II

Piaget POLO Series

Cartier DRIVE DE CARTIER series

 Compared with those ‘fashionables’ who dress up avant-garde avant-garde, men’s blogger Brian Sacawa should be more elegant and stylish, which should allow more conservative Chinese men to get his dress taste. Do you get some ideas for dressing and picking watches to use this winter?

Casio Edifice Ride Extreme Speed ​​time

Casio and Red Bull Racing have continued their contract and will continue to be official partners in the 2012 and 2013 seasons. The world’s leading technology-oriented Casio watch brand EDIFICE introduces a dynamic and exclusive motorsports sense of speed through metal hands and three-dimensional dial design, emphasizing its brand concept ‘Speed ​​& Intelligence’-speed and wisdom . EDIFICE originates as a skyscraper. Its precision and solidity have been the official cooperation watch of Red Bull Team for two consecutive years. It has withstood the test of timekeeping precision and sturdiness and durability.
    Casio launched a new SMART ACCESS intelligent operating system this year, using five-motor independent drive technology with an electronic crown. This cutting-edge technology makes the operation of the watch easier and more sensitive. This season’s new EQW-A1110 series combines the pointer watch with the huge speed Innovation, providing every man’s elite the choice to control speed and pursue precision watches.
    This powerful business style EQW-A1110DB-1A is equipped with a new intelligent operating system, which realizes the readability and operability of multi-function timekeeping. It can easily perform powerful functions such as stopwatch and lap memory. The crown quickly adjusts local time, world time (29 cities) and UTC world standard time, making it easy for business men to cope with the changing changes of regions everywhere in the world. In addition to the powerful chronograph function, this watch is also exquisite in design. The metal three-dimensional time scale and clear white light storage apply special light storage materials to the hands and minute hands to improve readability. The two small square dials at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock form a straight line shape, reflecting the advanced and functional sense of the text version. The small dial at 9 o’clock, like the dashboard of a car, interprets the infinite dynamics of EDIFICE’s speed control and the pursuit of precision.
    Also equipped with SMART ACCESS intelligent operating system are EQW-A1110D-1A and EQW-A1110DC-1A. The buttons use mushroom-type buttons to improve operability. The hour, minute and second hands in the center can be timed, and the readability is very high, which vividly represents the movement of the hands. At the same time, it has practical functions such as solar energy, 6 global radio waves, independent 5 motor drive, 1/20 stopwatch, and luminous light. Intelligent operating system combined with multi-function timing function, embodying wisdom and dynamic, EDIFICE perfectly interprets the manifestation of elite men’s taste and the pursuit of precision.

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