Month: January 2013

Bold And Bold Style Tasting Radar Hao Xing Series 1616 Watch Real Shot

The latest Hao Xing series launched by Radar brings us an extraordinary feeling, completely breaking the radar’s traditional modeling design. The new model has a rough and bold outline, and the case is all black high Made of scientific and technological ceramic material, official model: 764.0171.3.115.

 The radar 1616 watch is a new interpretation of RADO’s breakthrough design. The new watch is bold in shape and powerful in function: the 46 mm diameter case is clear and memorable, and it is available in black and metallic colors, each with an ultra-wide leather strap.

 The real highlight of the Radar HyperChrome 1616 watch is its use of extremely lightweight and extremely durable materials: including the brand’s signature high-tech ceramic materials and the brand’s new breakthrough in the field of materials-uniquely hardened titanium .

 Thanks to the unique material used by RADO, this oversized watch is exceptionally light and amazing: high-tech ceramics, as the innovative material of RADO, have a higher hardness than steel and weigh more. light. Titanium is even lighter than high-tech ceramics. At the same time, after the special surface treatment process of Swiss radar, the hardness of titanium is much higher than that of ordinary metal coatings or coatings. Rado Swiss radar uses a hardening process to make titanium hardness up to 1000 Vickers, close to 5 times the hardness of steel, and the weight is only half of the same volume of steel.

 The Radar HyperChrome 1616 watch is rugged and lightweight, bringing an extraordinary experience of new materials for watch lovers, and a bold and comfortable adventure.

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