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The Key To Designing Time’ Corum Debuts Its New Timepiece In China

On October 16, 2015, the famous Swiss watch brand CORUM Kunlun watch held a ‘new design key’ appreciation event in Beijing. Kunlun Watch’s 2015 new timepieces officially debuted in China for the first time, from more than 40 new timepieces from the three pillar series-Golden Bridge series, Admiral’s Cup series, Heritage series All appearances, interpreting the unique design style and the essence of fine watchmaking that Kunlun watches take pride in. Mr. Lan Mingwei, the general manager of Kunlun Watch Greater China, specially invited the famous watch collection and appreciation expert Mr. Ding Zhixiang to jointly “open the key of time design” to carefully interpret the brand’s historical story and classic product masterpieces.

‘Key of Opening Time Design’ New Kunlun Watch Appreciation Scene

Eight antique timepieces make a stunning appearance at the Kunlun Watch New Appreciation Conference

Mr. Lan Mingwei, General Manager of Kunlun Watch Greater China

   This year coincides with the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the Kunlun watch brand, the 55th anniversary of the Admiral Cup series and the 35th anniversary of the Golden Bridge series. As one of the two top-selling product lines under the brand, the Jinqiao series has been a model for the brand since its first launch in 1980. Its long-form movement has a unique and legendary craftsmanship status for more than 30 years, and has always been The industry’s most recognized avant-garde benchmark. The new Jinqiao ceramic watch is launched this year. The technical challenges can not be overlooked, because it is not easy to fit the precision ceramic case with multiple crystal glasses. At the same time, the black and white cases and the gold movement shape The contrast of tones is sharp and the visual effect is stunning.

New-Kunlun Watch Golden Bridge Black Ceramic Men’s Watch

New-Kunlun Watch Black Ceramic Women’s Watch

New-Kunlun Watches White Ceramic Women’s Watch
   Coincidentally, as early as 1960, the Admiral Cup series that brought success to Kunlun watches. Its dodecagonal case and dial with twelve-sided nautical flags pattern engraved the design. The mark is inextricably linked with many well-known sailors in many major sailing competitions. This year, the iconic colored nautical flag elements of the Admiral’s Cup are returning in a big way, showing the momentum and heroic temperament of riding the waves.

New-Admiral Kunlun Cup Legend42 Chronograph

   At the same time, the Kunlun watch classic series continues the pioneering work of many brands in the history today. Masterpieces such as Coin Watch, Feather Watch, Bubble Watch and others continue to challenge people Established impression of high-end watch design. The timepieces presented this time also include eight precious Kunlun watch historical collections, which is the best testimony of Kunlun’s long-term pursuit of design aesthetics and superb watchmaking skills. Mr. Ding Zhixiang, a well-known watch collection and appreciation expert with deep roots in the brand, also brought several Kunlun classic timepieces from his personal collection, and shared the story between himself and the brand on the scene.

New-Kunlun 50th Anniversary Edition Gold Coin Watch

   In 1955, Kunlun created its brand in La Chaux-de-Fonds. In the same year, Kunlun Watchmaking Factory was established in La Chaux-de-Fonds. Driven by the global watchmaking industry, this region has now become a global watchmaking center. Kunlun Watch has always been known for its beautiful design and technical excellence, and the brand is proud to carry forward the long-established values ​​and technical craftsmanship of fine watchmaking. Since 1955, creativity and audacity have been the principles of Kunlun watches. It strode along the path pioneered by the founder and showed unprecedented loyalty to the iconic series.

Kunlun Watch New Appreciation Meeting Delicate refreshments, guests have a leisurely afternoon

Admiral’s Cup Series New Arrivals at Kunlun Watch 2015 New Appreciation Conference

Famous watch collection and appreciation expert Mr. Ding Zhixiang shared the story with the brand

Bao Di Men’s Watch Experience High Watchmaking To The Highest Realm And The Pinnacle Of Work

Breguet has always been the most important synonym for Swiss watches and clocks. In his lifetime, he has created countless great inventions and constantly broke the peak of his career. Breguet designs and manufactures timepieces with diversified products. No matter the timepieces, marine astronomical timepieces, the design is ingenious, making him known as the most outstanding figure in watchmaking. Breguet TYPE XX series men’s watch, automatic mechanical movement, stainless steel case, screw-locked crown, sapphire crystal glass, black dial, silver bracelet, silver bracelet, watch thickness 11.8mm . Every detail is the most carefully matched, the highest state of fine watchmaking and the pinnacle. A masterpiece of the same series of art, the case is set with 49 diamonds, and a sapphire at 12 o’clock, the screw-locked crown is still an automatic movement, and the stainless steel strap is replaced with a slightly darker silver gray. The romantic and delicate design looks more luxurious.

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