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Unforgettable Feelings Tag Heuer Blue Dial Monaco Reissue Watch

I believe that everyone who pays attention to Tag Heuer is not hard to find out that the brand’s recent development focus is more on the theme of fashion and youth, and this year it is set to sponsor one sports event after another . For those who have ever followed Tiger TAG Heuer, there is more of a feeling in it. I first learned that this brand is because of racing. At that time, Tiger TAG Heuer was inextricably linked with racing cars. The most memorable ones are those models with racing genes, such as Calella, and then Monaco.

Re-enacting classics, leading today’s fashion trends
 The watch to be introduced below is a Monaco model with racing pedigree. It came out during the Baselworld 2015. It is an orthodox replica, the prototype is the first Monaco watch in 1969. Speaking of which, I believe that there should be a lot of people who have begun to look forward to it. The copy is a legacy of feelings, not to mention such a classic copy.

A new replica Monaco watch launched in 2015 Model: CAW211P.FC6356

The first Monaco watch in 1969

 Soon after this watch went on the market, it was favored by many watch fans, and a lot of cool hands-on photos were exposed on Ins for a while, and for the first time, what was called drooling. As we all know, the birth of the Tag Heuer Monaco series in 1969 subverted tradition. Speaking of Monaco, it is actually due to the Calibre 11 movement. It is because of this movement that it has a square that is still brilliant today. Monaco watch.
 The TAG Heuer Monaco watch is already a fashion symbol, which has appeared in many well-known films, such as ‘Le Mans’, ‘Speed ​​and Passion’, ‘Desperate Poisoner’, ‘Infernal Affairs’ Wait, of course, Monaco is also the love of the most popular stars nowadays, whether it is a well-known supermodel, DJ or professional racing driver, or Captain Deng running men, they also flashed this blue on their wrists.
Charming design with tradition and innovation

 The official model of this watch, CAW211P.FC6356, still uses the classic blue dial design. It uses solid stainless steel to set the tone of the watch and the chronograph buttons. After polishing and fine frosting, it has a charming texture. The diameter of the watch is 39 millimeters. Nowadays, big watches are popular, and can be worn by both men and women.
 Under the arched sapphire crystal, there are fire-red hands and simple time scales and function displays. The chronograph dial and date display window are evenly distributed on the surface of the dial. There is a square seconds counter at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock. There is a square minute counter at the position, and a calendar display window at 6 o’clock. The hand-inlaid fluorescent hands and hour markers are particularly quiet and elegant between the dials. The 12 o’clock position is emblazoned with the MONACO and Heuer logos.

 The cool shape achieves charming charm. There are only two timing function buttons on the right side of the case, and the crown is placed on the left side of the case. This design is different from the same series of CAW2111.FC6183, and has more characteristics and taste. The deep blue dial also highlights the speedy texture of the track.

 The simple lines of the watch highlight the modern style, the angular lugs and the case form a unified style, and the perforated leather strap with a racing feel is retro-style, with the stainless steel folding buckle engraved with the brand mark on the outside. The transparent sapphire crystal caseback showcases the charm of the Tag Heuer Calibre 11 automatic movement.
In summary: this Tag Heuer Monaco watch reproduces the original taste of 1969, and also continues the classics of the series. The cold, low-key blue disc Monaco is as quiet as the sky, but it also contains a tension that gallops on the track, interpreting the history of the ancient Monaco track. The current domestic reference price for this watch is RMB 40,300.

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