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I Like Retro Because I Like That Time – Bazhan Retro Style (Below)

The popularity of retro style is sometimes because the current fashion is too impetuous and cannot last. Not long ago, at the Hong Kong Golden Awards awards ceremony, the ‘elders’ who have been popular for decades are still sitting in the front row. Some people say that the film and television entertainment circle can no longer create a superstar that can be popular for decades. Then, there was a wave of missing ‘brother’. This kind of spiritual consolation that is deeply rooted in people’s hearts, perhaps the most important value left to us in those days, will also continue. However, retro is not simply antique, but to show a certain state at that time through the present way, it may be the background of the times, it may be an aesthetic idea, or it may be a state of life.
    Every year, brands always launch some vintage watches. For most brands, the brand value given by history is their very precious wealth, perhaps to pay tribute to that important moment in history, or to reproduce the fashion trends of that era. In short, each brand has its own ideas A ‘feeling’ to express.
Anniversary-a tribute to history
Mido-Belem Sairee’s 40th Anniversary

    What kind of world was it 40 years ago? Many people have deep memories. Living in China was a time of widespread poverty, but it is also a time when many old people like to remember. In Europe, the 1970s was the beginning of the economic recovery. With the improvement of living standards and wealth accumulation, the prosperity of the luxury consumer market has promoted the intensive cultivation of many brands in this field. Europe was the luxury center at the time and then spread to United States, Japan, and other countries. Swiss watch brands are experiencing a very embarrassing situation during this period, because the crisis in the industry is gradually showing its power, but no strong response can be found, but ‘heroes emerge from the chaos.’ Products, such as Royal Oak, Nautilus, and other sports watches, as well as elegant watches such as Mido Berencelli.

    In 1976, the Mido Berencelli series watch was born. No one had expected that this not too eye-catching series at that time would be so popular today. This year, in order to commemorate this important historical moment, Mido specially launched the Berenceli Collection series of commemorative watches, adhering to the brand watchmaking philosophy of “inspiring and verifying eternity”, drawing design inspiration from world-renowned buildings and bringing Milan Iman Some of the architectural features of the New II Arcade were transferred to the watch case design. At the same time, the ultra-thin design that highlights the cutting-edge concept of watchmaking further enhances the speciality of the watch. Of course, following the retro, the watch is not only very simple, but also uses a double bezel, elegant classic case shape and toffee hands to interpret the timeless and elegant classic beauty with modern aesthetics.
Blancpain Ladybird-60 Years of Ms. Linglong Timepiece

Ladybird from the 1950s

   In 1956, Blancpain launched an exquisite watch that fascinated many women. The so-called exquisite watch is not only small in size, but also has a feminine charm. LadyBird became a series at that time. It was the smallest round mechanical watch in the world at that time, and it had many precious ladies’ luxury watches, using precise and petite mechanical movements. It was also from that era that small ladies’ watches became more and more popular. From today, many of them are still very artistic.

    In 2016, at Basel, Blancpain launched the Ladybird Collection, which is the 60th anniversary of the birth of the brand. It also launched an elegant ladies’ watch with the same small size. There are two models in total. One is limited to 60 pieces. The dial is carved with mother-of-pearl. Bright and dark visual art effect, this lattice-style design, combined with the gorgeous diamond inlaid on the bezel, presents Ladybird’s unique, individual, layered decorative beauty. Another watch is the Valentine’s Day 2016. Compared to Ladybird on Basel, this watch is undoubtedly more romantic. Not only is it set with gorgeous diamonds, the dial also uses mother-of-pearl material, and the center of the dial features a diamond-studded love heart. The addition of a gem inlay in the trunnion means that you will be lucky to be loved by the god of love.
Seiko Presage chronograph-a tribute to the first automatic watch 60 years ago
    In 1956, Seiko created the brand’s first self-winding mechanical watch. In 1969, Seiko developed its first automatic chronograph. Today, in order to pay tribute to these important historical nodes, Seiko launched two limited editions. Presage automatic chronograph. As we all know, in the history of watchmaking in Europe, especially Switzerland, the beginning of automatic movements began in the 1920-1930s, and by the 1950s, the automatic winding technology had matured. But for Japan, their watchmaking technology originates from Western countries, and has no long history of watchmaking and cultural heritage. Therefore, Seiko can independently develop automatic winding movements and become its own. In mechanical watchmaking technology, A very meaningful thing.

    In 2016, Seiko launched two limited edition commemorative watches. The white dial watch is elegant and simple, using an enamel dial, classic Breguet scales, 12-point font in red, and the watch is equipped with an 8R48 automatic chronograph movement. The black dial watch is made of Japanese unique Urushi lacquer art, which is now being valued by some brands, such as Chopard and Vacheron Constantin.
Go back to that passionate age
Zenith Pilot and the Coffee Knight

Cafe Racer locomotive

    In the 1950s, a very interesting phenomenon appeared on the streets of Britain. A group of young people who like to stimulate, created a new type of motorcycle culture-Cafe Racer. They wore jackets, ordered a cup of coffee at the cafe, then set off on their locomotive from Ace Cafe at 160 km / h (100 mph) to the place of reservation, and then returned to this cafe. This new type of locomotive movement has gradually affected all aspects of locomotive culture, such as the modification style of locomotive, the performance of locomotive, and the type of locomotive selection. After the Second World War, the young people of Britain gradually freed themselves from their past lives and began to pursue free and passionate rock, speed sports and mechanical modification. However, due to the limitations of the performance and price of the locomotive at that time, in order to increase the speed, young people who loved locomotive began to do it themselves. This led to a new culture of locomotive modification, representing the manual, innovation and pursuit of the ultimate.

    In 2016, Zenith Basel launched the Pilot retro trend ‘Cafe Racer’ watch, with a large dial and a large crown. The majestic momentum is just like the freelance of the coffee knight. The very retro lugs have a strong The sense of machinery, like the modified parts of a locomotive, emphasizes the passion and fun of machinery. The large Arabic numerals and the classic-style hands design, combined with the grainy dial, bring a strong trendy texture to the mid-century watch. The back of the titanium case is engraved with the English words of the coffee knight spirit, leading the gentleman’s retro culture.
TAG Heuer, Ferrari, Monza and Nicky Lauda
    The relationship between TAG Heuer and motorsport has been established since the founder founded the brand. For more than 100 years, TAG Heuer and motorsport have been closely connected and integrated with each other. No matter how many people have experienced the brand owner during the period, they have never stopped. With a focus on motorsport, racing culture has become an integral part of TAG Heuer. In 1976, the famous racer Nikki Lauda won the throne of the world championship for the first time in a Ferrari. At the time, Tag Heuer was the official timekeeper of the Ferrari team. In order to celebrate this historical moment, the brand designed a comprehensive Black chronograph. In the watch design concept dominated by the circle at the time, this pillow-shaped case made people look bright and very fashionable.

    This year marks the 40th anniversary of the birth of this watch. In order to commemorate this unique watch and this historic event, the brand has launched a new replica Heuer Monza watch, also with the original watch. There are two important functions-pulse meter and speed meter, and the original font. The watch design is still as cool and stylish as the original, and the pure black appearance is very avant-garde and innovative courage. The dial uses retro orange SuperLuminova luminous material, following the original design style. At the bottom of the watch, for the first time, the name of the famous circuit at that time-Monza circuit, and even the traditional logo of the brand-Heuer printed on the dial, interpreted the historical significance and unique value of the watch.
There was a time when a number of unique watches were born
Tissot 1936 replica watch
    The birth of modern watches is largely due to the two world wars. War represents chaos and anxiety, but it also often forces people to re-examine the world, human nature and capital, thereby promoting the development of science and technology and the improvement of industrialization. And the establishment of a new order. The timepiece has undergone the baptism of two world wars, accelerating the transition from pocket watches to watches.

    In 1936, Tissot launched a classic watch. At that time, military officers gained experience from the war. The pocket watches were bulky and not so convenient to read. They could not meet their needs. They needed a type that could be worn on the wrist. You can see the time watch as soon as you raise your hand, but watchmakers have always made pocket watches, lacking experience in making such small watch movements, so first they began to weld arched sides of the pocket watch case. Buckle, and then attach the strap, resulting in a simple watch. In 2016, Basel, Tissot launched a replica of the unique watch at that time, using the same style, even the early brand trademarks, presenting the era of pocket watches to watch the period background and distinctive characteristics of the watch. The watch uses an official case back, which was originally used for dust protection, and is now popular as a unique case style.
Longines 1918 replica watch

    In 1918, just after the end of the First World War, Longines launched a watch that was avant-garde and very practical at the time. This watch was also modified from a pocket watch, and it can be seen from the case design. The sound and sound of pocket watches, and at the same time, the watch also has a timekeeping function. This was an era in which even wristwatches were not very common at the time. Watches with a timekeeping function were even more sought after.

    This year, the brand was inspired by this timepiece, and after redesign, it launched two honey-colored vintage watches for men and women. The watch improved the structure of the pocket watch case and crown of the watch at that time, and changed to a classic but extremely stylish crown and case shape. The oval ear buckle was also used when the watch was modified by a pocket watch. One of the options, these practical and aesthetic styles also showed the richness of the watch at that time. The new replica watch also uses the large scale font and snake-eye hands of the prototype watch, bringing a new fashion retro aesthetic.

    Every age has its own breath. The important thing is that some have become eternal classics, and some have become the dust of history.

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