Have You Ever Seen A Glamour Watch That Both Men And Women Love?

Looking at the watches launched by various watchmaking brands, there are many models with classic and beautiful designs. At the same time, women’s wear adds fashion charm and attracts men’s attention; men’s wear shows unique charm At the same time, it will also attract women’s favor. Today, Watch House recommends three watches that men and women love.

Lange-Saxony Series 205.086

Product Model: 205.086
Watch diameter: 39 mm
Case thickness: 6.2 mm
Movement type: manual mechanical
Movement model: Cal.L093.1
Case material: 18k white gold
Watch details: S C
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 60 meters
Watch details: Deco design style. The watch is equipped with Jaeger-LeCoultre 853 manual-winding mechanical movement, equipped with traditional full calendar display function and double-sided dual time zone function. The button for adjusting the time in the second time zone is hidden at 12 o’clock in the case. The front dial has a well-built moon phase display. The back dial uses a dark dial to display the day and night. The beauty of meaning.
Summary: Generally speaking, the aesthetic views of men and women are very different, and watches that can attract men and women of the opposite sex at the same time can be seen in the high quality of their beauty and performance. Stored in the watch design, friends who like it may wish to pay more attention to it!

Longines Watch Heart To Heart To Spread The Love And Love

The flowers bloom in spring and the summer is intoxicating, and the sweet season for good relationships is here again. At this important moment in life, an exquisite gift is essential. Longines’ colorful watch pairs allow time to inscribe the minutes and seconds of love in the most accurate and elegant form, and they are presented to each other by lovers. Both of them are worn as a heart-to-heart portrayal. The Longines Xinyue series stainless steel rose gold watch, which was launched in 2010, is the best token to convey love to Yiren.

Longines heart and moon series stainless steel rose gold watch
In 2010, Longines watch added a new style to the Heart and Moon series. Longines created the Heart and Moon series stainless steel rose gold watch, which combines the radiance of stainless steel with the warm light of rose gold. Makes the splendor of one kind and the soft light of the other shine into harmony. Harmonious and elegant, the Longines Xinyue stainless steel rose gold models are available in 23 mm, 26.5 mm, with built-in quartz or automatic winding mechanical movement. Silver enamel dial, mother-of-pearl dial or white dial with blue stainless steel hands or with warm-tone hands corresponding to the rose gold case. With stainless steel rose gold chain strap or black crocodile strap. In these models, the smooth curves of the case or the exquisite dial with a string of diamonds are even more beautiful. Extremely elegant and modern, Longines’s Heart and Moon series stainless steel rose gold watch will undoubtedly impress the mature and elegant women and become their best friends in life. When the moon is well spent, express your love to her beloved. The gorgeous and beautiful Heart Moon series stainless steel rose gold watch is the best choice.
Longines Heart Moon Series PrimaLuna stainless steel rose gold watch (left) Ref. No: L8. Price: 33,100
Stainless steel and rose gold round case, 26.5mm in diameter, decorated with 10 rose gold waterdrop moments and two Arabic numerals of 6, 12 on a white surface, with rose gold hands, and 44 top quality inlays on the outer ring Selton VVS high quality diamonds (0. 299 carats), elegant and luxurious. The L963 quartz movement is built into the case, with hour, minute, second and date indications. This watch is equipped with a stainless steel and rose gold bracelet with a folding safety clasp, which is waterproof to 30 meters.

Longines Heart and Moon Series PrimaLuna Stainless Steel Rose Gold Watch
Longines Heart Moon Series PrimaLuna Stainless Steel Rose Gold Watch Ref. No: L8. Price: RMB 20,200
A delicate and elegant round case, with a diameter of 26.5mm, is a wonderful interpretation of the stunning charm of the moon by the full Sina Qin Moon Series PrimaLuna watch. The round case of stainless steel and rose gold has a gentle and beautiful style. The silver surface of the halo pattern is lined with 11 blue Roman numerals and blue stainless steel hands, which is elegant and beautiful. The case has a built-in quartz movement with hours, minutes, seconds and date. This watch is equipped with a stainless steel and rose gold bracelet with a folding safety buckle, which is waterproof to 30 meters.

Longines Jialan diamond pair watch
People who love each other can find Longines pairings that are perfect for themselves. The elegant and elegant design of Longines is a symbol of long-lasting timelessness. Among them, the noble and classic Longines Jialan pairings are the most loved by lovers. The Longines Jialan series diamond watch follows the classic round frame and is set with brilliant diamonds, continuing the original harmony and perfection. The ultra-thin L209 and L140 quartz movements are used. The thinnest thickness is only 1.40 mm. Their slimness and lightness make the watch body fit the wrist more. When the small hands move between the minimal black line hour scales on the white dial, time reveals a timeless elegance. The bracelet is composed of fine steel clasps and a triple folding clasp, which is both rigid and flexible. It is comfortable for both men and women. Show the most subtle classic tradition, extraordinary style.
Longines Jialan Series Men’s Diamond Watch No .: L4.741.0.12.6 (right) Price: RMB30,200
The Longines Jialan series men’s watches are designed with ultra-thin and streamlined design, fully interpreting the elegant and subtle style of Longines watches, and the men are equipped with L420 quartz movement with 13 gem axis. The bezel is set with 64 high-quality Weselton VVS diamonds with a total of 0.64 carats. The diameter of the dial is 33mm, and the pure white surface is available. The stainless steel chain strap is equipped with a triple folding buckle, which is both rigid and flexible. Its waterproof function is 30 meters (100 feet).

The Beauty Of Vines Baoman New White Female Watch Real Shot

The 2014 Basel International Jewellery and Watch Show has opened, and the staff of the Watch House Special Reporting staff have begun to work. They will bring you the latest, fastest and most comprehensive 2014 Basel International Watch Show Report.

   Bowman’s classic vine emoticons meander and bloom on the lugs and straps of Bowman’s new women’s watches. Each vine flower that combines fashion and romance contains a famous fashion designer: Mr. Pierre Bowman Unique design taste and amazing sensitivity to fashion trends.

   The watch team’s special report team will bring you the freshest and most up-to-date watch information. For more details about Baselworld 2014, please pay attention to our special report webpage.
2014 Basel International Watch Fair topic:

Breitling Using ‘truder Movement’, Is It Worth Buying? ?

Since Breitling opened stores in Beijing’s Wangfu Zhonghuan and SKP, I can see Breitling watches every time I go shopping, and I pay more and more attention to Breitling.

Breitling’s New Super Ocean Culture
 I remember in 2017, Breitling and Tudor announced a cooperation to exchange movements. Breitling provided the self-produced B01 automatic timing movement to Tudor; Tudor provided the self-produced MT5612 automatic movement to Breitling. Breitling refurbished the Tudor MT5612 movement and renamed it the B20 movement, which is used in Breitling’s new marine culture (official name, Super Marine Culture II). I have bought a Breitling B01 calibre NAVITIMER before, so this time I will inevitably ‘start’ with marine culture using Tudor movement.

Breitling’s new super marine culture includes junior hands and chronographs, and comes in a variety of sizes and colors.
This watch is better than I expected.
 After I bought this watch, after wearing it for a few days, the watch gave me more feelings than I originally expected. In other words, this watch with a public price of 35800, its configuration and performance make me feel that it is worth the money. Let me talk about it in detail.
 Breitling’s new Super Marine Culture II is available in a variety of sizes. I bought a 46mm model. The size of 46 mm is numerically very large, and these big watches of IWC, Blancpain classic size 50 噚 are a class. But after getting started, this watch gives me a feeling smaller than Dafei, and the actual feeling is similar to wearing a 45mm 50 毫米. Because of the well-designed lugs and bracelet, getting started is very handy (this will be described in detail below).

The 46mm Breitling Super Marine Culture feels similar to the 45mm 50mm.
 The first upgrade of the new Breitling Marine Culture is the bezel. The new Marine Culture uses ceramic rings instead of the previous aluminum rings. The ceramic ring is very wide, there is a luminous point at 12 o’clock on the ceramic ring, and the rest is a grainy matte scale. Polished and bright ceramic rings also form a light and dark effect with matte scales.

The new Super Ocean Culture uses ceramic rings. On the dial is Breitling’s new B logo.
 The face of the new marine culture is also very beautiful. It has a fine sunburst decoration on the blue surface. Under the light, there will be a radiation effect. The watch uses polished bar-shaped hour markers. At the end of the hour markers, there are luminous dots, of which 12, 3, 6, 9 positions are digital scales. We can notice that above the plate, the new marine culture uses Breitling’s new B logo, without wings. We also said before that, for any watches and retro models that have continued in the history of Breitling, such as the aviation timepiece NAVITIMER, marine culture will use the retro B mark (the prototype watch of Marine Culture is the Breitling diving watch in 1957). More modern watches, such as the Avengers and Super Ocean, continue to use the wing logo.
 The pointer of the new marine culture is a place to pay attention to, because this is the place to identify the new B20 movement (Tuduo MT5612) or the old ETA movement (the old model has been discontinued, but it is still in circulation in the secondary market).

Note that one of the hallmarks of the new Super Ocean Culture is that the triangular arrow is divided in half by the middle of the hour hand.
 1. The new marine culture using the B20 (Tuduo MT5612) movement, the hour hand is an arrow, there is a dividing line in the middle of the arrow, and the arrow is divided into two. Old ETA movements that have been discontinued have no dividing line in the middle of the hour hand.
 2. The new minute hand is a sword-shaped pointer, and the old one is a rod-shaped pointer. Through the hour and minute hands, you can recognize at a glance whether the new or discontinued old model.

The crown of the new super marine culture is also the new B-shaped logo.
 The new marine culture uses the B20 movement, which is the Breitling version of the Tudor MT5612 movement. The biggest change in the Breitling B20 movement and the Tudor MT5612 original is that Breitling polished and decorated this movement. Due to the influence of positioning, Tudor’s movement cannot be polished too much, otherwise it will exceed Tudor’s public price range. Therefore, the MT5612 movement of Tudor’s own use, only relatively simple sandblasting and wire drawing on the movement plywood. Breitling adorned the B20 movement with a Geneva stripe decoration and gilded the lettering on the movement. Although Breitling’s marine culture is also a solid bottom cover, the movement cannot be seen, but the polishing decoration is all available.

Breitling’s new super-marine culture uses the B20 movement, which is the Breitling version of the Tudor MT5612 movement.
 In terms of movement performance, Breitling B20 and Tudor MT5612 remain the same. 70-hour power, using a card-free fine adjustment weight balance, certified by the observatory. Judging from the actual travel time, my watch is basically 3 seconds per day. All Breitling watches are certified by the observatory, and the travel time is guaranteed.

Tudor MT5612 (above) and Breitling B20 (below), we can see that the Breitling version has more decoration.
 The strap of the new marine culture left a deep impression on me. This watch comes with a Milan bracelet. Since I have never bought a Milan chain watch in these years, my understanding of Milan chain has lagged. The Milanese chain in my impression is still the same as before. After truncating the bracelet, it cannot be extended. After buying this new marine culture, I discovered that the current Milanese chain is just like a regular steel chain, and the end of the bracelet is also small and can be removed, shortened or extended. The woven Milanese chain is very soft and very comfortable to wear. While taking into account wearing the scale, it also highlights the retro style of this watch. The buckle of the bracelet is a folding buckle, similar to the Rolex Water Ghost, with two ‘switches’ on the buckle.

Breitling’s new super marine culture Milanese chain and buckle, the buckle is the Breitling wings logo.
 In addition to the Milanese chain, the new marine culture is also equipped with tape. What is special is that the tape of this watch also imitates the appearance of the Milan chain, and the surface of the tape has a weaving pattern.

Breitling’s tape and Milanese chain.
 In terms of price, Breitling’s new marine culture has a public price of 35,800. This public price is relatively reasonable in mainstream watches, not high, and is in the same price range as Omega’s hippocampus 300 meters, IWC Mark, Portor Red 60, Cartier Key, Panerai 774, etc. (discounts, exchange rates, secondary markets and other factors) , See personal circumstances). Although it is a diving watch like the Omega Seahorse 300 meters, the retro route taken by Breitling Marine Culture forms a different style from the seahorse 300 meters. The same is that Breitling’s new marine culture also has a 5-year warranty (Breitling’s self-produced movement watches have a 5-year warranty, and the B20 movement is positioned as its own movement). The new marine culture has a high face value, and its overall configuration is more prominent in its class. In addition, Breitling has always been stable, strong and durable, it is very suitable for daily wear.
PS. Last is the full set.

Feeling Mellow Taste Lange’s Latest Little Lange 1 Series Watch

Lange, a representative brand of German watches, is also a rare non-Swiss top brand watch, which can be said to be the best honorary representative of German watches. Today’s watch home is To bring you a new LANGE 1 watch launched by Lange at the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair, the official watch model is 113.043.

 Little Lange 1 has a mother-of-pearl dial based on blue, and a 36mm 18K white gold case, which fully demonstrates the femininity of Lange’s famous design.

The watch is designed with a diameter of 36.1 mm
 The watch is designed with a diameter of 36.1 mm and is made of 18K white gold. The biggest feature of the watch is that it uses a blue mother-of-pearl dial design and a blue calfskin strap. The image is very different.

Brushed and polished design on the side of the watch
 The crown of the watch is also made of 18K white gold and uses a threaded design for convenient watch tuning. The side of the watch uses a design that combines drawing and polishing, which is beautiful and stylish, and has a certain dynamic effect. .

The watch is designed with a watch thickness of 10 mm
 The watch is designed with a thickness of 10 mm. It has a moderate thickness when worn on the wrist. It is more textured. At 10 o’clock, the watch has a large calendar quick-adjust button, and a special prop to quickly adjust the large calendar. Simple and convenient.

The watch is designed with a blue mother-of-pearl dial
 The watch is designed with a blue mother-of-pearl dial. At 1 o’clock, the watch features a large Lange classic calendar display, which is intuitive and beautiful. The watch has a power reserve indicator at 3 o’clock and the normal small seconds at 5 o’clock. This design is matched with the hour and minute hands at 9 o’clock, which occupies all the space on the watch face. , Orderly, echoing each other.

The watch is equipped with a manual winding movement of the L901.4 type manufactured by Lange Manufacture.
 The watch is equipped with the L901.4 manual winding movement made by Lange watch factory, which meets Lange’s strictest quality standards. It is carefully modified and assembled by hand. It is fine-tuned in five directions, double barrel design, and splint Manufactured from untreated German silver; hand-engraved balance wheel plywood.

In summary: Little Lange 1 has all the elements that a Lange contemporary classic design should have. These include a hand-made movement with a power reserve of up to three days and a large calendar display unique to the brand. The German silver 3/4 splint with Glashütte rib pattern, the gold sleeve fixed with high-temperature-treated blue steel screws, and the hand-engraved gooseneck-type fine-tuning system on the balance splint further show this masterpiece of watchmaking. Technical features.

Earl And Chen Yanxi Zheng Yuanchang Cannes For Romantic Time

Following the 27th Independent Spirit Awards, the Piaget family of watches and jewellery joined hands with Chen Yanxi and played the leading role in the new film ‘Flower’ Zheng Yuanchang shoots romantic blockbusters during the Cannes Film Festival.

    Against the backdrop of a beautiful garden, Chen Yanxi in the lens is dynamic and changeable. The earth-colored skirt is equipped with Earl’s Limelight Funny Heart eccentric necklaces and rings, which looks playful but noble; wear the theme of Limelight Garden Party series forest bird The earrings, paired with the Magic Hour watch, are stylish and chic; the amethyst matches the pink opal rose and diamond necklace, and the dark blue high waist skirt is elegant and beautiful.
    Actor Zheng Yuanchang, who has always tasted outstandingly, is in front of the camera. He chose the Piaget Altiplano watch with a black dress, and the simple and smooth dial emerges from the cuffs. With the matching Possession18k white gold ring, the handsome image is fully revealed.

Rado Cooperates With The Internationally Renowned Industrial Designer Constantine Gogeki Ceramica’s New Series Of Ceramic Watches To Debut In Vienna Design Week

RADO, a famous watch brand, celebrates another milestone of the brand during this year’s Vienna Design Week: the new RADO Ceramica designed by internationally renowned industrial designer Constantine Gucec The overall ceramic series watch made a stunning appearance at the press conference held in Austria. The 2016 Vienna Design Week was held from September 30th to October 9th, and this year coincides with the tenth anniversary of this design event. Constantine Goceki has specially designed a new window for the Rado store in central Vienna. The exhibition celebrates. The brand will also showcase the design process behind Ceramica’s integrated ceramic collection watches and other works designed by Goceki in an exhibition at the Vienna Festival Centre.
Ceramica watch series-classic rebirth

 A masterpiece of classic timepieces with a minimalist design is reborn: The Rado Ceramica monolithic ceramic series is renowned for its striking streamlined appearance and visionary use of high-tech ceramic materials. Today the famous industrial designer Konstantin Grcic gives it a new design. As one of the brand’s most well-known high-tech ceramic watches, the RADO Ceramica overall ceramic watch has been given a modern interpretation in its new design ingenuity, while retaining the classic geometric shape of the watch. Like the classic Ceramica overall ceramic watch, the new series is undoubtedly the high-tech ceramic watch preferred by those who love modern minimalist aesthetics. The streamlined bracelet of the prototype model has now evolved into a more classic watch bracelet shape, and the curved edges of the integral case are particularly eye-catching. The advancement of technology is complemented by the design vision of Constantine Getchich, which achieves a high degree of fusion of watch shape and material, which is reflected in the ceramica’s 11 watches.
Reinterpretation of precision and modernity

 The Ceramica monolithic ceramic watch has attracted much attention for its shiny polished surface. Today, two men’s watches in the new Ceramica monolithic ceramic series are finished with a matte finish. The iconic watch designed by Constantine Goceki stands out with its velvety matte finish and creative layout of the dial, limited to only 701 pieces worldwide. ‘In my opinion, the matte finish can make the watch look more intense.’ Gecchich said, ‘The design of the watch dial is bold and clear. I take inspiration from the pilot watch, I I like the simple, clear appearance of these watches very much. ‘For fans of small dials, matte watches with small second dials can be selected. The chic gray scales complement the watch’s monochrome minimalist style. . Avant-garde women watch lovers have a wide range of models to choose from, including two diamond-set watches made from shiny black or white high-tech ceramics. Thanks to the silver details on the dial and four brilliant diamonds, the ceramica women’s overall ceramic watch has been reduced in size, but its charm remains the same.

 Just as its name suggests, the Ceramica watch series is made of high-tech ceramic material, which is favored by many high-end watchmakers for its outstanding characteristics. ‘Material is definitely the key.’ Goceki said, ‘The intelligent and economical use of materials is my understanding of good design. Ceramics are one of the most high-tech materials I know. They are lighter than steel, It feels warm when worn, and it is more resistant to wear. ‘
Constantine Goceki Installation
 During Design Week, Constantine Goceki’s installations will be displayed in three showcases at the RADO store in central Vienna. In these installation works, three new Ceramica monolithic ceramic watches are fixed on futuristic objects. A specially written black and white press release LED graphic pops up on the background wall behind the showcase. These highly geometric animations symbolize the elegant charm of time and timing, which in turn represents the precision machinery used in modern watchmaking.
About Konstantin Grcic
 Konstantin Grcic is one of the world’s leading industrial designers. He designs furniture, lighting, accessories and other household items for many well-known brands. His various design works have won many internationally renowned design awards. Known for its passion for technology and materials, Konstantin Grcic is well-deserved to be the perfect candidate for the new design of the 2016 Rado’s iconic Ceramica monolithic ceramic collection. Gucci is known for his minimalist product design, often referred to as the representative of minimalism, and himself tends to call himself minimalist.
RADO Swiss radar and design
 From the very beginning of the Vienna Design Week, RADO has been a partner in this project. In the development of its world-renowned iconic product, RADO has always ensured that design, innovation and technology go hand in hand. The brand’s unique industrial design style has always been praised by the design community. So far, it has won more than 30 international design awards. In addition, the brand is also actively holding ‘RADO Swiss Rado Star Competition’ to take advantage of this opportunity to help emerging design stars and support the vigorous development of the design industry.
 ‘RADO stands for innovative materials and unique and distinctive watch designs. We are brave to meet new challenges and enjoy our unconventional working methods. We can jointly develop the Ceramica integrated ceramic series with the internationally renowned designer Constantine Goceki. We are proud of the watch. ‘Said Matthias Breschan, RADO Global President,’ His new design introduces modern style, while retaining the unique geometric shape that makes Ceramica’s overall ceramic series into a classic press release. Design. As part of the 10th Anniversary of Vienna Design Week, we are pleased to be able to showcase Constantine Goceki’s visionary work in the window of the RADO store and in the RADO exhibition at this design event. ‘
New RADO Ceramica watch by Konstantin Grcic
The following products used in the shooting are all Gezic’s design works:

Passami il Sale series trays for Serafino Zani (2007).

Diana table for ClassiCon (2003/2016).

VAL Pallet for Laufen (2015).

VAL Pallet for Laufen (2015).

VAL Pallet for Laufen (2015).

Medici chair for Mattiazzi (2012).

Zig Zag shelves for Driade (2015) and Chair One for Magis (2004).

Brilliant Deep Tasting Piaget Piaget Possession Lapis Lazuli Blue Dial Watch G0a43086

As a symbol of endless change, everything is possible, the classic Possession rotating ring presents a different kind of charm in the new ladies’ watch series. At the SIHH 2018 in Geneva, Piaget took the iconic Possession’s iconic rotating ring as the inspiration for the new Possession Lapis Lazuli blue dial ladies 18K rose gold watch G0A43086.
Watch real shot show:

Watch details real shot display:


   The case is made of 18K rose gold with a diameter of 29 mm and is polished. The rose gold rotating bezel is set with 42 brilliant-cut diamonds, weighing approximately 1.04 carats. It elegantly rotates around a red gold ring. The unique double-circle rotating ring design creates a joyful sensory experience.

   The lapis lazuli dial is deep and deep, and the eye-catching color matching is unprecedented to interpret the Piaget Sunny Side of Life brand philosophy. Equipped with Piaget 56P quartz movement, with central time-division display, accurate and reliable.

   The lapis lazuli alligator leather interchangeable strap is combined with the same color dial and the dazzling red gold diamond-turned bezel for a charming look. Comes with a rose gold pin buckle and comes with an alligator strap.

   Possession opens up a vast space for creative creativity. Zor’s extraordinary new watch products are dedicated to fearless independent women, helping them to fully express fashion tastes and exquisite talents, and show their unique personality.
For more information on the latest Geneva watchmaking salons in 2018, please follow the watch house live feature:

Piaget’s Piaget Ultra-thin Date Watch Awarded ‘13 Best Watch Of The Year’

In the annual watch awards organized by the professional watch magazine ‘Montres Passion’, Piaget’s PIAGET Altiplano Date ultra-thin date watch was unanimously approved by the jury and awarded the ‘Best Watch of the Year 2013’ Awards. This unparalleled honor goes hand in hand with the earl who made his ultra-thin watchmaking at the beginning of his factory to symbolize his original intention of watchmaking.

Piaget PIAGET Altiplano Date ultra-thin date watch

For more than half a century, Piaget has relentlessly devoted itself to the ultra-thin watchmaking, taking the tradition of craftsmanship to make ultra-thin watchmaking as the king’s way, and has more practiced the founder’s ‘Always do better than necessary) ‘motto. So far, 23 of Piaget’s 35 self-made cores have been developed and produced by the workshop, and most of them have established a number of ultra-thin movement records in the top watchmaking industry.
It’s eternal, it’s classic. Piaget’s PIAGET Altiplano Date ultra-thin date watch is equipped with the 1205P movement-the world’s thinnest automatic date movement, only 3 mm thick, in a 6.36 mm thickness case-which sets the record of the double material.
Smooth and smooth, dazzling and elegant, it is the key word for the brand’s design of the Altiplano Date ultra-thin date watch, to show a true classic that is timeless and pure and stands the test of time. 18K white gold, rose gold, or rose gold embellished with a diamond case, the large size of 40 mm was created to fit the 1205P movement. The movement is carefully polished with traditional sanding and finishing, and is decorated with Côtes de Genève Geneva ring ripples, a round polished main splint, hand-finished chamfers, gear trains decorated with radial sun marks, blue steel screws, a dedicated power correction system, Rose gold micro-rotor engraved with the earl’s emblem.
Mr. Franck Touzeau, Director of Piaget Watch Division, took the excitement of receiving the ‘Best Watch of the Year 2013’ from the PIAGET Altiplano Date ultra-thin date watch at the annual watch awards dinner of Montres Passion Magazine. The award is more admirable than ever. This is the second time Piaget has been awarded the award, the last time it was awarded in 2008 by the highly recognizable Altiplano small seconds watch.

Love Travel, There You Have It

When the relationship between you and your loved one has risen to a certain stage, you must have imagined the sweet moments of the wedding, looking forward to the honeymoon trip after the wedding, and take the hot air balloon exclusive to you Fly up into the sky, and all the best wishes come with you to the end of happiness.

 In fact, love is like this, each stage is an unknown journey. When your love is about to marry, and you and her are about to hold hands, the meaning of love is given responsibility, responsibility and honor and shame. In this journey, you have passed the initial stage of curiosity and passion, and the next thing is more to face the test of life together. But you don’t have to worry, you don’t have to be afraid for the unknown, you might as well use a watch to record every bit of your journey of love.

 The new Ballon Bleu de Cartier Cartier Blue Balloon Jewellery Watch
 At the beginning of August this year, Cartier launched the new Ballon Bleu de Cartier blue jewelry watch in mainland China.

The new Ballon Bleu de Cartier Cartier Blue Balloon Jewellery Watch

New Cartier Blue Balloon Jewellery Watch

 Light as a balloon and as dazzling as its guardian sapphire, the new Cartier Blue Balloon Jewellery Watch adds elegance to the wrist. The precious metal arc protects the crown set with convex sapphire, and the convex curved case shows smooth lines. On the dial with the effect of sunlight rays, the sword-shaped blue steel hands rotate smoothly, and the immortal track of time is drawn under the sapphire crystal. Compared with the previous blue balloon series watches, the new blue balloon jewellery watch reflects the designer’s ingenuity.

 New Cartier Blue Balloon Jewellery Watch

 The new Cartier Blue Balloon Jewellery Watch shows its unique characteristics in details. Each burgundy crocodile leather strap has its unique texture. The case material is made of more precious rose gold. When the watch is fitted The skin’s moment makes the wearer feel extremely light and smooth. The brilliant round diamonds carefully selected by the craftsmen are set on the bezel, shining under different rays of light.

Actor Qin Lan wears new Cartier blue balloon jewelry watch

 The new Cartier Blue Balloon Jewellery Watch not only gives new ideas to the design, but also gives the wearer more inspiration in daily life. Qin Lan, who plays Fucha Rongyin in the recent hit drama ‘Yanxi Raiders’, has become a unique ‘white moonlight’ in the hearts of the audience. In the show, she is a gentle and virtuous queen. Outside of the show, she used a suit with Cartier’s new blue balloon jewelry watch, showing us a unique and neat style.

Actor Wang Likun wears new Cartier blue balloon jewelry watch

 Actor Wang Likun, who performed a variety of lives in the play, showed us the unique charm of the new Cartier Blue balloon jewelry watch. Wearing a white shirt, Wang Likun wears a red and blue balloon watch. Simple matching requires more eye-catching accessories.

 Actor Jing Tian wears new Cartier blue balloon jewelry watch

 Actor Jing Tian is dressed in a black dress, which is more elegant and intellectual in the background of Cartier’s new blue balloon jewelry watch.

Actress 佟 リ ア wears new Cartier blue balloon jewelry watch

 It can also be dignified and youthful, and Lilia uses simple white T with Cartier’s new blue balloon jewellery watch. Simple shapes can also easily create a girly look. Cartier’s new blue balloon jewelry watch is not only a must-have for important occasions, but also an indispensable fashion item in daily life.

Ballon Bleu de Cartier new blue balloon jewelry watch

Ballon Bleu de Cartier new blue balloon jewelry watch

 The hands flowed, and the years passed quietly. Through the sapphire crystal glass, blue steel hands can be seen ticking in the small dial. The years are ruthless, but with the days it accompanies, every minute of yours is happy and fulfilling. If your lover is by your side, even if you have gone through vicissitudes, it is enough for you to have it in this love journey.

(Click the picture to jump to the official website for more details)

 Love is not just ‘blandness is blessing’ as they say, sometimes it takes some small surprises as a remedy. May be the flowers that she bought for her after work; Maybe the breakfast prepared for him every morning; Maybe you are with me every long night … Maybe it is every minute and every second you spend with her.


 New Cartier Blue Balloon Jewellery Watch

 Perhaps you are thinking about bringing a gift to her beloved who can express her sincere heart. This gift must be different from the past, and it must make her feel your love, as eternal as a diamond and as hard as sapphire. Interested friends can move to offline stores to experience the purchase, or call the brand’s customer service center 400 885 6618 to order directly.

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